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 Security Breaches: How to Protect Your Store

By Bob Goldberg, NARDA General Counsel

Not a week goes by when the news fails to disclose the breach of a business or government computer system that compromises sensitive private information. Identity theft and credit card fraud have affected thousands of individuals. As a merchant, your point-of-sale system is a target of hackers around the world. The Payment Card Industry Council (PCIC) has established rules for all merchants in regard to securing and maintaining the security of point-of-sale systems. Although these rules are not laws, violations can cost thousands and bankrupt a business.

The merchant processing agreement a retailer signs requires strict compliance with the PCIC’s rules and regulations. If your point-of-sale system is breached, you could be liable for the fraudulent charges that result, along with the cost of issuing new cards and penalties for your failure to comply. In addition, your clearing account could be frozen, and the funds held to pay these amounts.

Here are some steps you can take to help prevent a breach of your system. Ensure that all credit card data is encrypted. The PCIC’s rules require that credit card data be encrypted as soon as it is swiped and sent immediately to the payment processor without storing it on your system. If your system sends non-encrypted data to a back-office server, it should be replaced.

Replacing hardware and software is essential as new equipment and software updates are released to combat fraud. Retailers often hesitate to upgrade, thinking it not necessary and a money-grab by their providers. As hackers become more sophisticated, so must software. Keep your software updated and apply all patches and updates received. The new Euro MasterCard Visa (EMV) rules require an upgrade of your payment pads to accept the new chip-enabled credit cards. Failure to do so creates added responsibility on you in the event of a breach.







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